How to ask for a song critique

I read an article recently on how to ask for a song critique and I found it enlightening. I've never thought before about stating my purpose clearly on how I'm planning to use a song or who I imagine listening to and enjoying the song. I'm curious about how the following suggestions from Mike Meiers could transform the effectiveness of both giving and receiving relevant and useful feedback on songs. Below is a brief summary of the article.

When asking for critique on a song, consider the following questions to both shape the feedback given and for you as an artist, to get clear on your vision for the song:

1. Focus on the song itself

  • What is this song for? (Catharsis and personal healing? Creative expression? Commercial use? Written for an artist? Developing song craft and experimenting with new approaches? For sync? Something else?)

  • Why are you creating it? What’s your emotional intention?

  • Who do you envision listening to this song and what is that audience like? (One particular person? Family and friends? People at an open mic? Tweens? An audience of 10 000 people singing along in a stadium? Someone else's audience? Random folks on social media and youtube?)

2. Focus on production

  • Are you looking to add production to this song in the recording process?

  • Have you done production already? If so, what did you do?  

  • What is your reference track for this song? What other song is your song in conversation with?

- Mira