Below is the beginning of a collection of excellent songwriting resources. If you come across a youtube video... podcast... interview... or an article that you find super helpful and useful, send through the link with a short note about why it touched you and what you learned from it and we'll put it here for everyone's benefit :)

Full of hard-won insights and the joy and magic of creating without judgement...

On the art of reaching beyond the self and telling someone else's story...

What are the predictable elements that can craft a hit song? How we can write music that has the power to be easily retained and grasped by a busy and distracted mind... how we can put the listener in the story (it's all about YOU)... and repeat, repeat, repeat.

I've often felt dismissed when speaking with other more experienced musicians about stage fright - there's been many off-hand comments like "it's something everyone experiences... you just need to get over it." This video was super practical and grounded in the realities of what it's like to be afraid onstage and what to do about it.

Like many songwriters, I've struggled a lot with finishing songs and felt crap about myself because of that. I greatly appreciated the gentle kick up the butt in this video to stop moaning about it and just put in the time to finish a song so I can move on the next one feeling good and lighter.

The genius of Pat Pattison. One of the most helpful and profound teachings I've come across.