songwriters roundtable

November Roundtables TBC


How it works

The Songwriters Roundtable is an evolving, anything-goes kind of space. Wanna perform a couple of your tunes live? Want constructive feedback on a song? Wanna chat about the realities of maintaining a creative practice in a busy life or the mechanics of recording your music? Whatever's present and alive is welcome. The intention is simple connection and celebrating the love of original music and the art of songwriting together.

In constructive feedback, each person has the floor for 10-15 minutes (depending on how many folks there are) in which to share one song they’re working on and receive useful and constructive feedback on it. Before sharing your song, it’s a good idea to ask the group for specific feedback (ie. “I’m not sure about the bridge...”). Preparing your lyric sheets is also helpful for feedback. When listening, put aside your likes and dislikes and apply your unique skills, perspective, knowledge and experience to the song on the table. If you're new to the feedback space, check out the articles Notes on Giving and Receiving Feedback and How to Ask for Song Critique for some helpful tips.

What to bring

- yourself
- acoustic instrument to play your song live
- OR a digital recording of your song
- a lyric sheet
- pen and paper for notes or recording comments 


Face-to-face songwriting meetups on the Sunshine Coast happen on the 3rd or 4th Sunday afternoon of each month. Online meetups happen once a month on a weekday evening. 

RSVP + Roundtable News

If you're keen to receive some constructive feedback on a song, please contact us here to RSVP - you can paste in your lyrics and tell us if you're planning on performing live, via a link or an .mp3 recording. You can also drop us a line to stay in touch with upcoming Songwriters Roundtable news about local songwriting events and other groovy songwriting stuff.