songwriters roundtable

April Roundtables

Tuesday 21st May
7.00pm - 9.00pm

Sunday 19th May
2.30pm - 4.30pm
Dance Art Etc
120 Currie St, Nambour


How it works

The Songwriters Roundtable is a deep dive into the art of the singer-songwriter. A warm and welcoming space to discover creative tools, and have fun with interactive activities and writing exercises that will inspire your songwriting. With lots of permission to play, we’ll delve into storytelling through description and observation, explore song structures and the magic of metaphor, understand point of view and rhyme; and much more...

Who should attend?

The Songwriters Roundtable is for adults and teens brand new to songwriting, seasoned songwriters feeling a little stuck or uninspired, and for all those wanting tools to improve their lyric writing.

What do I need to bring?

Bring a notebook, pen, and your instrument.

About the face-to-face monthly gatherings

Each monthly meetup has a different focus from the world of lyric writing and emotive storytelling. Sessions will build on skills and principles from previous months, but you're totally welcome to drop into any session. There's easy street parking in Nambour on Currie St and sessions start and finish on time. Book in to attend on the link above.

About the online gatherings

The Songwriters Roundtable online is an evolving, anything-goes kind of space. Wanna perform a couple of your tunes live? Want constructive feedback on a song? Wanna chat about the realities of maintaining a creative practice in a busy life or the mechanics of recording your music? Whatever's present and alive is welcome. The intention is simple connection and celebrating the love of original music and the art of songwriting together. Contact us here to RSVP for the next online Songwriters Roundtable.

RSVP + Songwriters Roundtable News

Drop us a line with any questions or to RSVP. You can also sign up here to receive email updates, news about songwriting events and other groovy songwriting stuff happening on the Sunshine Coast. 

About the facilitator

Mira Chorik is a songwriter who makes art. Her melancholy folk layers bitter-sweet poetry and warm-honey vocals to tell the unadorned story of the heart. She crafts live performance spaces that invite participation, emotional intimacy and audience connection. She’s also a facilitator with a bunch of experience: running workshops at retreats and community development conferences; facilitating meaningful conversations in Council settings through participatory art-making; developing online and face-to-face courses; facilitating singing groups; yoga and meditation teaching, community theatre work; and facilitating small and large group processes (70+ people) at loads of retreats over a decade. She hosts the Sunshine Coast Songwriters Roundtable, now in its fifth year - a supportive space devoted to helping songwriters understand their unique voice and who they are as artists (rather than heady conversations of “right” and “wrong” and what makes a song “good” or “bad”).